Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ways to Annoy your Brother and Sister.

Boys everywhere may have the joy of having a younger or older brother or sister. Here's some awesome ways to get your own back on your annoying siblings:

1. The Plastic Wrap on Toilet seat Gag:

  • A toilet.
  • Plastic wrap or clingfilm.
  • A victim.
When your sibling gets up in the middle of the night due to 'nature'. This clingfilm will cause their 'nature' to go all over the floor instead of in the toilet.The look on their face!

2. Put a 'PLEASE IGNORE ME' sign on their back.

  • Paper
  • Pen
Your sibling will talk to people and grow more frustrated every minute as they are being ignored and they dont know why.

3. Play 'WAKE UP'.
 Gather as many alarm clocks as possible and hide them around your siblings bedroom. Make sure you set them to different times. Watch your sibling go mad trying to find them!
4. Make irritating sounds and copy them.
Make annoying high pitched sounds and repeat them louder each time, your sibling will get annoyed and annoyed. Copy them and repeat whatever your sibling says and repeat their actions. Copy movements and gestures too. They will get totally frustrated!

5. Put jam on your siblings bedroom door handle.

Use a pot of jame and smear it over their handle. Your sibling will get cross and sticky and wont be able to get in!

Glue coins onto an old plate and let them dry. Leave them somewhere in your house and watch the anger on your siblings face as they struggle to get the coins.

Things you need for these pranks:

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